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Visa for Australia from USA

Australian Visa requirements

The main focus on this article is the Visa for Australia from the United States so if you are looking for a more in-depth look of what is necessary to enter Australia, then this article is definitely for you.

Australia has Visa requirements and other documents that need to prepare beforehand for any citizen from another country.

Visa is a document that allows citizens from other countries to end Australia legally and have the opportunity to stay.

Regardless of the citizenship and the country, everyone needs to have a Visa, in order to enter Australia legally. Good thing for the American citizens is that they can use a special offer that will allow them to stay a lot longer. There is the so-called E601 type of Visa which allows the American citizens to enter Australia as tourists and they can travel around the country for a year.

There is a certain rule with this Visa, however, and that is that every 3 months there has to be a stretch.

This means that if you want to go to Australia for a year, you have to go back to the United States after 3 months and then go back. Basically, that means that you need to have some sort of a break after being in Australia for 3 months.

How exactly can you get that type of Visa?

Well, just like everything else that’s related to Visas, first you need to apply on the website. Once you fill in the details with your personal information and pay the fees, you can receive the Visa and prepare your travel to Australia. The American citizens are not the only ones who can take advantage of this great offer.

Australia has agreements with various countries and the citizens of the countries can do the same thing as tourists. Countries such as Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia have the same opportunity.

There are also other types of Visas that are required if an American citizen wishes to enter the country for work, business or health purposes. For example, if you are looking to move to Australia to work then you will need the Work and Holiday Visa, which technically is not so hard to get.

The necessary things are a valid US passport that doesn’t expire soon as well as some necessary education and health requirements. Among one of the requirements is to be between the ages of 18 and 31. This is the so-called “subclass 462”.

As if this one is not enough, there are other types of Visa that can allow you to travel from America to Australia for various purposes.

You can easily go on a business trip with the ETA Business Visa

There is also the ETA Tourist Visa which is similar to the Work and Holiday Visa.

What’s best about both the ETA Business and ETA Tourist Visas is that they also have a “long-validity” or “long-stay” option which means that the document can be prolonged. All of these documents are a great way for Americans to go to Australia, whether it’s to visit the long list of tourist attractions or live in there permanently.

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